Are you looking for the proven way to get in shape that has worked for more than 2 million people? You’ve found the secret to a leaner, healthier “you” in the next 12 weeks.

Have you ever seen those “before and after” photos where there’s a fat ugly blob on the left, and a toned, healthy, beautiful body on the right? And have you doubted that those results are possible? Or thought that getting similar results is possible, but as likely as getting hit by lightning on your way to cash in your winning PowerBall ticket?

Like you, I have seen those photos. Thousands of them. But I’ve also MET the faces in the photos. Hundreds of them. In fact, I HAVE one of those faces you see in the photos.

We have completely transformed our lives by EXACTLY following the Fit for Midlife principles. And the transformation you have witnessed in our photos happened in 12 short weeks.

I’ve got to warn you, if you are looking for the quick fix, look somewhere else. If you want to pop a pill and look like a model, you are not in the right place.

But if you want a proven method to transform your body in 12 weeks, and you want that transformation to have the ability to last a lifetime (with some ongoing maintenance after the 12 weeks), stick around.

The four principles of Fit for Midlife are simple:

1) Fuel your body with several small, balanced meals every day. This balances your blood sugar and speeds up your metabolism.

2) Move around! Do an activity that gets your heart rate up for 20 minutes a day, three days each week.

3) Sculpt your muscles. Without spending endless hours at the gym each week, dedicate yourself to three short but intense weight training sessions.

4) Commit yourself to doing this for 12 weeks. How long has it taken you to get your body where it is today? You are unlikely to witness extreme results in just a few days. 12 weeks is a short tunnel with a very bright light at the end. This makes the difference between a fad diet and a program that will give you a lean, healthy body for the rest of your life.

How will this Blueprint help me?

Apart from setting out the recommended exercises, experience has taught us that sometimes the small what seems to be insignificant details really matter, like:

– where to get the right containers for our meals
– how to STAY MOTIVATED when so many around us were pulling us down
– how to make easy “on the run” meals that didn’t cost a bundle
– fitting a COMPLETELY NEW PROGRAM into our already full lives

So, we compiled the answers to these questions here for you.

We also found that there were times we needed just a little bit of encouragement or a kind word from someone who knew what we were going through. Maybe even someone who had already done it.

But we know everyone won’t have someone like this, so we created this 12-week programme that delivers week by week motivation and advice to help you feel like you have your own personal trainer by your side. You’ll hear from the people how have gone before you and successfully completed their Fit for Midlife Challenge with amazing results. Here you will find the answers to any question you will have in the next few weeks.

We will help you stick to your program through the entire 12 weeks. We will help you get the greatest results from your commitment.