Here are some of the most common exercise myths that most people hold as fact. It’s quite amazing how many false perceptions that people can all hold without any basis in truth. If you don’t know fact from fiction, how can you expect to do the right things and avoid the wrong things? From spot toning to over and under eating, below you find some of the more common myths there are about exercising and dieting.

I can eat anything I want and make up for it with more exercising Myth

I can eat anything I want and make up for it with more exercising Myth

This is perhaps the most prevalent myth in the exercising world. Exercise itself can only tone, strengthen, and otherwise shape your muscle. You may get larger muscles through continuous exercise, but the fat would still be covering it. Exercise cannot by itself make a major impact in burning fat. They say that it takes 10 minutes of jogging to burn off just one OREO. You’d have to spend your entire day exercising to make up for overeating at dinner. In other words, it just isn’t practical or possible to expect that exercise can make up for that extra slice of chocolate cake. So, don’t just have a routine of exercise, watching what you eat is just as important, if not more so, to effective and lasting weight loss.

Exercising repetitions Myths

Exercising repetitions Myths

Most people think that by doing as many repetitions of one exercise that they can is the most effective way to strengthen or tone. They will say, “just go until you can’t do anymore”. This is a false perception. It is far more effective to go sets or repetitions. For instance, 5 sets of 20 repetitions in each. That way, you will end up doing more repetitions over all, as well as not strain your muscles without true results.

If you don’t look overweight, you don’t need to exercise

If you don't look overweight, you don't need to exercise

The idea that just because you may not look overweight, or somehow out of shape, that you don’t need to exercise is to ignore the more very important effects of a consistent exercise routine. By not exercising, you remain out of shape and your heart and other vital organs will suffer the consequences. You need a healthy cardiovascular system to really stay healthy and feel young.

You should never eat before a workout

Energy and fuel from foods is necessary to provide the energy that your muscles will use to work correctly. You may not want to eat a large meal before your exercise routine, because that may leave you feeling bloated or heavy. But eating a smaller snack before exercise will only help you maintain your energy level.

I can achieve a six pack with just exercise.

This is of course, not accurate. While exercise is necessary to chisel out your abs or tone them overall, it of itself will not get you the look you want for the beach. You must lose the fat around or stomach in order for your abs to even be visible. Once you have lost the weight, you will be able to tone your tummy.

I can just tone one area of my body and leave the rest unaffected.

This is an untrue statement. The most basic reasons are that all your muscles are connected and depend on each other. It’s very hard if not impossible just to focus on one small area of your body to spot tone. Even working on your biceps will tone your shoulders.