I hear so many people say they are going to TRY to get into shape. They are going to TRY to make healthier food choices. They are going to TRY to get out and do some cardio.

A good friend of mine has been TRYing to get in shape now for FOUR YEARS. He’ll TRY to get into the gym and it will work for a few days. He’ll TRY to eat well and it will work for a few weeks. He will TRY to do cardio and it doesn’t really work well at all.

So, you may be thinking “give him a break, Mary. At least he’s trying!”

There is a big difference between TRYing and DOING.

So if you have been TRYing to get into shape, you might as well quit.

Quit trying and start DOING.

I know this is rather simplified. But first start with your words. Once you quit saying TRY, your mind will quit giving itself a way out. Six years ago our trainer Donovan gave us a list of four words we are never again allowed to utter in his gym.

TRY is at the top of his list.

So what about you? Have you been TRYing to work out, eat right, get in shape?

If so, please accept this challenge. For the next 7 days, ELIMINATE THE WORD TRY from your vocabulary. Each time you hear yourself say it, back up and restate what you are GOING to do.

After one week, I’ll bet your urge to try has sustained and the DOING is well underway.

And if it works for you, let me know . . .