You went through a lot to lose the weight you wanted. You dedicated yourself and you were in control of your life, what you ate and what you did. You changed your diet, you exercised, so you don’t want all of that to be for nothing! You need to keep the weight off and enjoy the better, healthier you. You have every right to be proud of what you did, it isn’t an easy thing to do, and many people quit before they finish. But now that you are here, it is understandable that you feel a sense of complacency. You may even think that you will be out of the woods. But part of losing the weight, is being able to keep it off.

What if You Re-gain the Weight?

What if You Re-gain the Weight

Many people go through life with an ever-changing weight. They go from small to large and back again. They can lose the weight they need, but they turn around a few months later and realize that they are in the same spot. They start all over again and then they lose the weight. But it always seems that it catches up with them again and they keep having to repeat the process! What they are missing is the concept that it must be a lifestyle change. That means keeping up with the exercises AND choosing healthier foods. It isn’t just a onetime thing, if you continue to eat and live, you will have to be smart about what you do.

There are points in everyone’s lives where your weight will fluctuate, you will go through periods of weight loss and gain. What you want to do is manage and control how much that occurs. So, if your life gets busy, stressful, and complicated and you start gaining weight, try to manage it and keep it to as little weight gains as possible.

False Targets and Goals for weight loss 

When most people diet, they encourage themselves by thinking, ‘I just have to go a bit longer and then I can go back to the way things were’. While this may be an encouraging thought, it may also be one of torture. Because you feel as though you are missing out on something and you need to just suffer awhile longer and then everything will be as it should be. But that false target is why many people revert to where they were after they accomplished so much. They need to realize that what they are getting into must be a lifestyle change. It isn’t just something that you do a month before bikini season, it should be something that becomes a part of your life.

And after a while of living with your new healthy lifestyle, you will get used to it. You won’t feel like you’re missing out on something, you will be able to enjoy things in moderation and if you remain focused on the big picture, your overall health, then it will be well within your ability to stay on the right path. Of course, there will be times in your life where you will fall off the wagon, but that is ok if you get back on and get back to living well.

How to Keep it Off

Now is the time to kick back and be proud of what you’ve done. You did what many people don’t ever do, even if they should. But it isn’t enough having gotten to this point, you must stay here. You need to tell yourself that you want to stay this way, and you enjoy it. And why shouldn’t you, you are healthier, more attractive, and have a lot more energy!

Keep Doing What You Did

Keep Doing What You Did

You know the process to lose weight, you’ve done it before. What you need to do is keep up with that lifestyle. You won’t have to be as strict as you were because you are maintaining a weight now, you don’t have to lose extra fat. But at the same time, you will have to continue to be vigilant. If you make too many compromises or let yourself slide too much, you will eventually find yourself back at square one. You’ve worked too hard to let that happen, keep up the lifestyle and realize that it makes you a healthier and happier person.