Research indicates that performing rapid push-ups can be the key to developing amazing upper body strength. In other words, by doing your push-ups as fast as you possibly can, you will be heading towards building great upper body strength.

Doing rapid push-ups is even more effective than plyometric push-ups. Plyometric is a push-up with added movement, such as clapping the hands together. Another example is a fall push-up, where you ‘fall’ from a kneeling position and then have to push-up again to the start position.

Plyometric push-ups are effective, but why is the more rapid push-up even better? Let’s give an example, think about a vertical jump. Now, bend the knees before jumping, you will automatically jump higher into the air than if you had not bent the knees. This is the same principle when it comes to fast or rapid push-ups. You drop your chest towards the floor, short pause, then push back up again. This movement gives you more explosive strength, just as in bending the knees.

Push-ups are a great addition to any workout routine, improving shoulder strength and health.

Some of the areas that benefit include:

  • Core muscles
  • Chest or pectorals
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps

As with any exercise, in order to gain the maximum results, you have to perform the movement correctly.

On the floor, place your hands a bit wider than shoulder width. Next, straighten out the legs and position your weight onto your toes. Make sure your back is straight, your body should form a straight line from head to feet.

Activate your core muscles throughout the exercise. This will help to keep the body straight and is a great way to work the core. Continue, move your chest/body down until your chin nearly touches the floor. Push back up again as fast as you can, back to the start position. Keep the body rigid and try not to let your hips drop down.

Starting out, try to perform three sets of either 6 or 8 repetitions. For best results, do the movement as fast as you can. Then rest again for 5 minutes between each of the sets. Slowly build up your strength and then increase the sets and repetitions. Perform this exercise at least two times every week.