So, you have stomach fat that is just hanging off your body and you start wondering how it got to this point? Why is it that you are now in this condition? Many people would assume that exercise is a more predominant factor in getting a flat stomach, but it is just a secondary factor. Doing the right kind of exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles and therefore keep your stomach tighter and more supported in an upright position. In other words, it makes you look better. But simply doing crunches repeatedly will make your stomach protrude farther out which is a bad thing if you still have all the fat. But there are several other factors that will cause tummy fat, let’s look at some:

Over Eating causing Stomach Fat

Let’s face it, we all know the primary cause of belly fat. We try to ignore it, we try to give excuses, we try and hope to find an easier answer! But the most basic cause of excess stomach fat and being overweight is…..Over Eating!! Yes, it’s true. If you eat more than your body can keep up with, that excess fat will be stored on your body, primarily your stomach. You know that you often get hungry right before bed, so you have the classic “midnight snack”. This is a major cause of stomach fat. Much of weight control is not only how much you eat, but when you eat it! You want your food to have a chance to fully digest before you retire for the evening. Recent studies have shown that you burn most of your fat while you sleep! Which is why you are lighter when you awake. So, the more you give it to burn before you sleep, the less of an impact that precious weight loss time will have.

Slow Metabolism causing Stomach Fat

Slow Metabolism causing Stomach Fat

When we are young, our metabolism is fast and furious. but as we get age, our metabolism tends to slow down. That means you don’t burn calories as fast as you did when you were younger.


It is an unnatural effect that can occur in the body and is often brought on by a sensitive to different kinds of food. Food intolerance is the main cause of stomach bloating. A wide variety of people are sensitive to dairy, yeast, gluten, or sugar. If you experience stomach bloating, start cutting things out of your diet until you narrow down which is causing you the problem.

Wrong kind of food causing Stomach Fat

Wrong kind of food causing Stomach Fat


Maybe you don’t eat too much, perhaps instead the cause of stomach fat is that you eat the wrong kind of food? In fact, by comparisons to thinner people, maybe you eat a smaller amount of food. But have you stopped to think about what it IS that you are eating There are foods that have so much extra sugar and other empty calories that it doesn’t take much at all to put you over your daily calorie goals?

Final Thoughts

There can be many causes of stomach fat. But instead of looking for an obscure reason that is easily fixed, focus on the basics of exercise and weight loss. If you moderate your calorie intake and increase your activity level, then you will start the process of losing fat. Whatever the reason, there are solutions. So, get out there and start the process.

Obesity is becoming an epidemic in America, but also throughout the western world. More and more people are reaching very dangerous levels of weight and most of them don’t take the steps that they should to lose weight. Obesity is a dangerous condition that can lead to severe health problems, some that are even fatal. If you are severely over weight, please read this page and get an understanding of obesity, along with its dangers and solutions.