Join our Fit for Midlife Academy

Get Moving, lose that weight and enjoy a healthy Lifestyle along with others who feel its time to make a change in their lives.

In today’s fast-paced world, many us who are reaching the midlife stage are faced with many difficulties. You may feel despondent, unhealthy and feel there is no way to change.

Every day we are exposed to countless advertisements and food choices tempting you because it is available and convenient. We don’t realize how much sugar it contains along with a variety of unhealthy ingredients.

You might be thinking, I’ll start making better choices tomorrow, which becomes next week, then next month. Today, you just want to enjoy that double cream milkshake on the menu, even though you know you shouldn’t. Tomorrow is another day, you promise yourself you will do better, make healthier choices.

Maybe you’ve gone so far as to join a gym or buy some fitness equipment, which now just lies in the garage somewhere. You try and you’re going to stick it out until you see results. But frustration sets in, distractions happen, life happens, and you fall back into the old routine.

You see others the same age, reaching their goals. You know it is possible. You just need to approach it differently.

Why not try out the Fit For Midlife Academy, the online course will help you to reach your long-term goals, keep you going, making your new way of life sustainable. Whatever your level of fitness and health, this course can work for you. You won’t be alone, there is always free advice readily available.

Not sure where you should begin, don’t worry, we will show you step by step what you will need to do. Get ready for results!

We have done all the research and come up with all you need to know to make those important changes. You will have access to an online course containing tools to help you reach your goals. Don’t stress about time, as everything can be done at your own pace.

The Fit For Life Academy provides you with all you need. You just have to take the first step…

The Mindset Approach

More than half the battle when trying to lose weight is in the mind. Learn how to rewire your brain and change the bad old habits into new and better ones.

Learn about Nutrition

Depending on your goal, it is important to know how to eat correctly. Learn how to prepare good food, when it is best to eat and, of course, what to eat. Each individual may differ in their requirements, for example, some may want to lose weight, while others want to build muscle. Whatever your goal, we will get you there.

All about Fitness

Learn how to strength train with all the correct moves, which can easily be done at the gym or at home. Beginner, no worries, each movement will be explained in detail. You will be able to do these exercises no matter what size or body type, great for those who are in midlife.

Workout programs

When you join the Fit For Life Academy, you will have no more excuses as each workout is given in a step by step format. You will be able to do these workouts anywhere, you won’t have to have access to expensive equipment. There will also be a variety of workouts to choose from, so you won’t get bored.

By tracking your results, should help you to see the progress you are making, therefore making it more likely to attain more long-term results.

Sometimes what stops someone from starting in the first place, is a lack of knowledge. Find detailed and how to articles on all the workouts available. Making it easier for you to complete each movement successfully.

Don’t worry if you can’t do a full push-up yet, there are multiple easier variations, which can help you get started. For example, start off with a knee push-up or even better a wall push-up. Our priority is to make sure you do things properly and safely and develop confidence in the workouts.

Make sure to develop healthy eating habits, find out how to make the right food choices. Read up on many other tips and information on nutrition, weight loss and dieting.