The modern midlife crisis hit men aged 43, up while women can start showing signs of midlife crisis from ages 40, and up. For men, their midlife crisis can last between three to ten years, while women only suffer their crisis for two to five years.

Characteristic signs of midlife crisis are looking up old exes on social media sites, not being able to sleep, taking up new hobbies, and reading the obituary.

Other signs of midlife crisis are fretting over hair thinning and covering gray hairs.

The Term Midlife Crisis

For many years the term midlife crises could happen between the ages of 40 and 60, however, as times change it could happen earlier. Signs of a midlife crisis are linked to younger people starting their career lives earlier and researched statistics advise that the average age group of a CEO has changed from 59 to ages 43 and up in the last generation.

Furthermore, with modern day and age, more people are concerned about their appearance and in need of recapturing their youth. More and more men seek transplants for baldness and worry about their appearance and losing their jobs and women have plastic surgery done to look their best.

Top Signs of Midlife Crisis

Top Signs of Midlife Crisis

Here are some top signs that you may be having a midlife crisis and has changed over the years:

  1. The signs of midlife crisis can include looking up ex-partners on social media sites.
  2. Realizing that time is passing you by and you will not be able to pay off your mortgage.
  3. You decide to join Twitter to show your boss that you are getting digital.
  4. Talking about your childhood allot.
  5. You start fretting about your thinning or gray hair.
  6. Signs of a midlife crisis are taking no pleasure in a friend’s success.
  7. You want to buy yourself a new sports car or a Superbike.
  8. You decide to take up a new interest.
  9. You think that you can make the world a better place.
  10. You feel that your life needs to be simpler.
  11. You look more at old pictures.
  12. You need to go to a high school or college reunion thinking about what old friends will think of you.
  13. You start revisiting old destinations.
  14. Thinking, that you cannot retire now, as you cannot afford it.
  15. Start changing your hairstyle.
  16. Signs of a midlife crisis are stopping to tell people about how old you are.
  17. You start comparing your appearance to others the same age as you are.
  18. You start taking different vitamins and supplements.
  19. You are stressed about retirement.
  20. You feel that you need to change your friend circle.
  21. You feel the need to quit your job and make a career change.
  22. You start flirting with people 20 years younger than you are.
  23. You find yourself having sleepless nights related to your work.
  24. Your hangovers last more than a day and becoming more frequent.
  25. Always busy comparing your life to your friend’s life.
  26. You are concerned that a younger person will be taking over your job.
  27. You start taking up an extreme sport or partaking in triathlons.
  28. You are easily distracted.
  29. You start realizing that your age is getting to you.
  30. Signs of a midlife crisis are having an affair with a person 10 to 20 years younger.

For many the word midlife crisis is clichéd, however, the midlife crisis exists, and the mentioned signs are only some phases that people go through when they find themselves in their middle ages. For some people, this can be life changing and for others an easy process. If you are finding yourself in the middle of a midlife crisis and not able to handle it – it is best to find professional help to prevent depression and causing unwanted pain in your marriage that could lead to divorce.

This is the time where you can look back and start accepting that you are getting older, best of all wiser as you mature gracefully, and what you know today many young people still need to find out.